Benefits of A2 Milk

Often we buy our dairy without actually checking the details of the same. But do you know a small protein decides whether you digest the milk or have a violent stomach ache the next moment? Yes, we are talking about lactose intolerance! Does that mean goodbye for your favorite milk cake or ghee- loaded paranthas? Fortunately, no. It might interest you to look at some facts about A2 milk :

1. The A2 milk protein is the natural type of beta-casein found in the milk of the desi cows or the indigenous breeds of our country like Gir and Kankrej.
2. The natural protein found in A2 milk is more comfortable to digest than conventional A1 milk.
3. A2 milk is a rich source of nutrients that provide a great deal of immunity against some of the most common diseases.
4. It is also a source of Omega 3 – An unsaturated source of fatty acid which prevents cardiovascular diseases and cancer and contains anti-diabetes and anti-inflammatory elements.

Is it you who cannot digest milk, or is the type of milk causing the allergies? A research study conducted by Professor Bob Elliot (University of Auckland) has proved that switching to A2 milk can solve 1 in every 4 Americans' dairy consumption issues.

Research also suggests that many who exhibit lactose intolerance symptoms could instead be unable to digest A1, a protein most often found in milk from the high-producing Holstein cows favored by industrial dairies. Because of how A1 milk is broken down, it's more likely to be a problem for those with poor health or gut issues. However, our indigenous Indian breeds produce milk that contains A2 protein type rather than A1 protein type.

A1 vs. A2 is often a topic for debate. And we do not intend to get into that. Yet, several studies conducted by the highest milk-producing countries (New Zealand, Australia, and European nations, etc.) have documented the benefits of A2 milk over A1 and the health risks associated with the latter.

Other researchers like Dr. Keith Woodford - Professor of Agri-Food Systems at Lincoln University (New Zealand), Professor Sebely Pal from Curtin's School of Public Health, Dr. Alex Richardson - Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention (University of Oxford), etc. have concluded that A2 milk has different gastrointestinal effects for humans than regular milk.

A2 milk is a rich source of Vitamin A, B12, B2, B3, C, and D. It also contains minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Folate, etc. ​Not being able to digest milk doesn't mean you are lactose intolerant! You might be intolerant to A1 protein. Give a try to A2 milk. Contact us now for fresh A2 milk delivery to your doorstep!