From Cows to Carton – The Story of Girej

For some, a conventional life of indoor existence with gadgets suffices. But for some, interacting with infinite nature is the only form of solace. To Ketan Parmar – nothing was more enchanting than green fields and indigenous cows. During his years of growing up, he volunteered at the NGOs and voluntary groups who worked for the promotion of organic farming and preservation and breed quality improvement of indigenous cows. While working for this cause, he struck an instant camaraderie with farmers. Thereon, he used to accompany them with several cow rearing activities. ​

For Ketan, Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), TISS played a major role in shaping up his ideas and gave an entrepreneurial perspective to his potential venture idea. After his post-graduation, Ketan launched the final model of Krishi Naturals from his hometown Vadodara with the mentoring and financial support from TISS and DBS. Later on, organizations like IIM Ahmedabad and SAP India also contributed towards its growth. ​

Preetika, an IIM grad, supports Krishi naturals to realize her vision of making far reaching impact on farmers’ economic and social lives. She has been inspired by her mother, who used to teach illiterate women and under privileged children, belonging to lower strata of the society. She learnt from her that education and abilities should be used practically to impact lives. She believes that information gap limits, both, income levels and consumer behaviour. She believes Krishi naturals would bridge the information gap related to potential economic benefits of rearing indigenous cow breeds over foreign breeds. ​

Apart from Ketan and Preetika, Krishi Naturals is supported by an important pillar, Meeta Patel - who believes in making significant contributions.

Currently, Krishi Naturals has supplies for fresh milk in Vadodara and Surat with plans to spread its wings in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. A2 Ghee is available pan India. We have also served multiple export orders as well. ​ Girej, was launched as one of the entities of Krishi Naturals. Its brand name was coined by amalgamating the names of two indigenous cow breeds of Gujarat; namely Gir and Kakrej. Shortly after its launch, the venture has been witnessing an increase in the monthly income of farmers, enhanced dairy farming practices and more.